Thursday, 3 March 2016

Sowing and potting up

This past week, I have started to sow the first vegetables in the greenhouse to get a jump start with my raised Sqaure Foot Garden bed. I have been sowing sugarpeas 'Oregon Sugar Pod' in the two rootainers on the left. A small tray with spicy salad leaves, which have been germinated already. Today I added  the lettuce 'Little Gem' in the small propagator on the right. And shallots 'Red Sun' on the second shelf.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Helleborus Days

We went back to the nursery 'De Hessenhof', where we have bougth most plants in our garden. Now they were having the Helleborus days, with lots of flowering Helleborus species. We already knew which species we would like to have in our garden. You see them here.

Helleborus x 'Lichtroze'  (pale pink)
This pink variaty gets more pink when the flower gets older.

Helleborus x 'Wit Driedubbel' (triple white)

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Storing my seed packages

I found this one a couple of years ago on Pinterest. Some old CD-books in which I used to take my music CD's with me in my car. Now they contain my small seed packages.
CD-book turns into Seed-book
How do you store your seeds?

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Today's seed order arrival

Yes, yes, yes ... I always get happy during the winter, when a package like this arrives. This seasons I had to buy a lot of new seeds. The last time I ordered seeds must have been a couple of years ago, when I still had my allotment. Last year, season 2015, I tried to get the best out of the left-overs, but some of it did not germinate anymore. So I had to order fresh seed for my Square Foot Garden and the greenhouse. I tried a new supplier, Vreekens Zaden (in dutch),because they have more choice in biological seeds and in special seeds.

Seed order 2016
I also wanted to try the Rootrainer. Seems perfect to get the sweetpeas started. I can not wait to try it.